Things to do in Switzerland: 20 Top Destinations to Visit

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Things to do in Switzerland: 20 Destinations to Visit

Switzerland is a country of lush beauty with lakes, mountains, and rivers, and also offers delicious cuisine and hotels with impeccable service.

If the country is in your travel plans, check out our list below with 20 must-see destinations as well as suggestions for things to see and do.

20 Top Destinations to Visit in Switzerland

1. Zurich

Zurich PhotoPhoto by Rhiannon Elliott

Zurich is home to Switzerland‘s largest international airport, and is often the gateway for many travelers visiting the country.

Highlights of a visit to Zurich include its historic center, the Grossmünster, Fraumünster and St. Peter churches, the elegant Bahnhofstrasse street, the FIFA Museum, the Swiss National Museum, and the spectacular “Lindt Home of Chocolate” museum in Kilchberg.

2. Bern

Bern PhotoPhoto by Alin Andersen

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is known for its preserved medieval architecture and for attractions and sights such as Bern Cathedral, the Clock Tower(Zytglogge), Bear Park, and museums such as the Bern Historical Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.

3. Lucerne

Lucerne Photo - Destinations in SwitzerlandPhoto by Aswathy N

Lucerne is a charming town located approximately 52 km from Zurich.

The Kapellbrücke and Spreuerbrücke bridges over the Reuss River are symbols of the city. Other important sights include the Jesuitenkirche, the Hofkirche, and the Kornmarkt.

4. Neuhausen am Rheinfall

Neuhausen am RheinfallPhoto by Sven Masuhr

Neuhausen am Rheinfall is a popular destination to visit on a day trip from Zurich.

The city’s main attraction is the Rhine Falls(Rheinfall).

5. Basel

BaselPhoto by Nadine Marfurt

Basel is a city located along the Rhine near the border with Germany and France.

The city has a medieval historic center with attractions such as the Basler Münster, the Spalentor, and the Basel Museum of Natural History.

6. Geneva

Geneva PhotoPhoto by Devam Jhabak

Located on the banks of the Lake Léman (Lake Geneva), Geneva is home to United Nations Headquarters and attractions such as the Geneva Cathedral, the Jet d’Eau, the Jardin Anglais, the Reformers’ Wall, and excellent museum options such as the Geneva Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art and History.

The city has the second largest airport in Switzerland.

7. Lausanne

LausannePhoto by Nolan Krattinger

Lausanne is another city located on the shores of LakeGeneva.

Lausanne Cathedral, Place de la Palud, and the Olympic Museum are some of the city’s attractions.

8. Montreux

Montreux PhotoPhoto by Xavier von Erlach

Montreux is also located on the shores of LakeGeneva, and is known for being home to the Freddie Mercury Statue and for its Jazz Festival.

From Montreux departs the Chocolate Train, which passes through Gruyères to Broc. The Château de Chillon and the Lavaux vineyards are also must-see attractions on the outskirts of the city.

9. Vevey

Vevey PhotoPhoto by Armand Khoury

Vevey is a city located between Lausanne and Montreux.

The Museum Alimentarium, the Musée Jenisch and the Jardin Doret are some of the city’s main attractions.

10. Lavaux

LavauxPhoto by Razvan Sassu

Lavaux is located in the canton of Vaud. The region, known for its vineyards, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The white Chasselas grape is the main grape grown there.

A Lavaux Vinorama is a winery in the region that offers wine tours and tastings à la carte.

11. Gruyères

GruyèresPhoto by Ryan KLAUS

Gruyères is a medieval hilltop town known for its cheese of the same name.

The city is home to attractions such as the Gruyères Castle and the Rue du Bourg.

12. Interlaken

InterlakenPhoto by Josef Ivan Jimenea

Interlaken is a city located in central Switzerland.

The town is spectacularly beautiful, surrounded by mountains between lakes Thunersee and Brienzersee.

13. Thun

Thun PhotoPhoto by Manuel Boxler

Thun is located between Interlaken and Bern on the shores of Lake Thunersee.

The city is home to attractions such as Thun Castle, the Kunstmuseum Th un, and the Thun-Panorama.

14. Brienz

BrienzPhoto by ruben daems

Located 20 minutes from Interlaken on the banks of the Brienzersee, Brienz is a commune that offers hiking trails, scenic spots Brienz Rothorn Bahn and the Giessbach Waterfalls.

15. Grindelwald

GrindelwaldPhoto by Ruth Georgiev

Grindelwald, is a popular winter destination, and also widely used as an access to the Jungfrau Region, with the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe being its main attraction.

16. Gstaad

GstaadPhoto by Cat Cat

Gstaad is a Swiss village and an important winter sports center, with 47 ski lifts, that is home to excellent restaurants, hotels, and luxury chalets.

During the summer months, it offers activities such as hiking, paragliding, canoeing.

17. Chur

ChurPhoto by Travel Suisse

Located in the heart of the Alps, Chur is the oldest city in Switzerland. And the famous Bernina Express (scenic train) departs from Chur via Tirano in Italy to Lugano.

18. St. Moritz

St. MoritzPhoto by Valentin B. Kremer

St. Moritz is a winter lover’s paradise, and has already been considered by the renowned “Condé Nast Traveller” as the best ski resort in Europe.

The destination is home to luxury hotels and boutiques, starred restaurants, and museums.

19. Lugano

LuganoPhoto by Maksym Harbar

Lugano is located in southern Switzerland on the shores of Lake Lugano.

The city is home to attractions such as the Parco Ciani, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Santa Maria degli Angioli, the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, and funiculars to the panoramic point of Monte Brč.

20. Zermatt

ZermattPhoto by Abigail Griffith

Zermatt is a ski resort located at the foot of the highest mountains in the entire Alpine range, with the Matterhorn being the best known.

Things to do in Switzerland

1. Try the famous Swiss fondue

Try the Famous Swiss Fondue

Fondue is a typical Swiss dish, and those who visit the country cannot fail to taste this delicacy in one of the specialized restaurants scattered throughout Switzerland.

2. Explore Switzerland by Train

Exploring Switzerland by TrainThings to do in Switzerland – Photo by Victor He

Switzerland is famous for its efficient train system, and even offers scenic train options such as the Glacier Express, the Bernina Express, and others.

3. Tasting the Delicious Swiss Chocolates

Taste the delicious Swiss ChocolatesThings to do in Switzerland – Photo by Marquise de Photographie

Milk chocolate was developed in Switzerland, and the country is known worldwide for its chocolates. Be sure to try some of the top Swiss chocolate brands during your visit.

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4. Visit the Top of Europe

Visit the Top of EuropePhoto by Aswathy N

The Top of Europe, located in the Jungfrau Region, is one of Switzerland‘s main attractions.

The train to Europe ‘s highest railway station(Jungfraujoch) leaves from the Grindelwald Terminal. From the top (3454m above sea level) you will have spectacular 360 degree views .

5. Take a Boat Ride

Taking a Boat RideThings to do in Switzerland – Photo by Steffen Lemmerzahl

Switzerland has beautiful lakes, and taking a boat trip is also a must. Some of the country’s major lakes include LakeGeneva, Lake Lucerne, Zürichsee, Bodensee, Thunersee, Brienzersee , and others.

6. Ski

Things to do in Switzerland Photo by Tim Vanderhoydonck

Switzerland is also a winter paradise, with Zermatt, St. Moritz, Grindelwald and Jungfrau being some of the most popular ski destinations.

7. Visit the Largest Chocolate Museum

Visit the Largest Chocolate MuseumLindt & Sprüngli AG

The Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AG is the largest chocolate museum in the world, and is a must stop for anyone visiting Zurich, as it is located a short train ride from its historic center.

At the museum it is also possible to participate in the 60-minute chocolate course, and the place also has an outlet.

8. Relax in one of the numerous luxury hotels

Relax in one of the Innumerable Luxury HotelsHotel Villa Honegg

Switzerland has hotels that offer every comfort, excellent service, spas, inviting pools, and much more.

Some outstanding hotels include the Hotel Villa Honegg, o Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski, oPark Hotel Vitznau and the Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa.

9. Enjoy Breathtaking Landscapes

Enjoy Breathtaking LandscapesPhoto by Andreas M

The Swiss landscape in all seasons is breathtaking. Take the time to really appreciate every little corner that you pass during your stay.

10. Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting in Switzerland

Switzerland produces unique, high-quality wines, with the Valais region being the Swiss wine-growing center.

Photo Highlighted by Tucker Monticelli

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