7 Sites for Renting Apartments in Zurich

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Sites for Rent Apartment in Zurich

Zurich is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe, and renting a furnished apartment during your vacation is a great way to save money, especially if you plan to spend more than 15 days in the city.

Check out the following sites for you to search and book your vacation apartment according to your profile.

Website Tips for Renting an Apartment in Zurich

1. Vision Apartments

Zurich Rental Apartment Photo©Vision Apartments

Vision Apartments is a Swiss company, founded in 1.999, specialized in renting furnished apartments all over the world.

In Zurich there are several beautifully decorated apartments available, and rent starts at CHF 1,690.

Website: visionapartments.com

2. StaySitu

StaySitu Apartment in Zurich PhotoSites for Renting an Apartment in Zurich – ©StaySitu

Founded in 2.008, StaySitu is a company that offers apartment options in more than 120 countries, whether for corporate travelers, relocated employees, digital nomads.

The apartments are furnished with options of studios, 1 bedroom, or more bedrooms. The most economical rate available on the site is 63 CHF per night.

Website: www.staysitu.com

3. Housing Anywhere

Housing AnywhereHousing Anywhere

Housing Anywhere is a platform that also offers furnished apartment options in various destinations, including Zurich.

The platform is popular among exchange and internship students abroad.

Website: housinganywhere.com

4. Joyn Serviced Living

Sites for Rent Apartment in Zurich - ©Joyn Serviced LivingSites for Rent Apartment in Zurich – ©Joyn Serviced Living

JOYN is a company that offers serviced apartment options for travelers with a focus on long-term stays.

The company offers apartment options in Zurich, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Munich. And with apartments planned for 2.023 also in Madrid and Krakow.

JOYN ‘s apartments are modern and stylish with excellent value for money.

Website: joyn-living.com

5. Apartment Service

Apartment Service ZurichApartment Service

For more than 20 years Apartment Service has been offering fully furnished apartment options in the heart of Zurich.

The apartments have modern interior design with a balcony or roof terrace.

Website: apartment-service.ch

6. Airbnb

Sites for Rent Apartment in Zurich - ©AirbnbSites for Rent Apartment in Zurich – ©Airbnb

Airbnb is the world’s best-known website for vacation rentals.

On the site you will find many apartment options available, not only in Zurich but also in many destinations around the world.

Website: www.airbnb.com.br

7. Booking

Sites for Rent Apartment in Zurich - ©BookingSites for Rent Apartment in Zurich – ©Booking

On Booking you can also find apartments for rent, but in this case it is best to rent for a short vacation period.

Apartments available for rent at Booking:

Website: www.booking.com

Whatever the reason for your trip, it is well worth renting an apartment in the city.

Reasons for Renting an Apartment in Zurich

  1. The daily rate for an apartment in Zurich is much lower than the rate for a hotel room;
  2. When you rent an apartment, it is a way to immerse yourself and feel like a local;
  3. It is possible to spend less on food because the apartments have full kitchens, and you can do your shopping in the supermarkets;
  4. It is an excellent choice of accommodation if you are traveling with family or friends.

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