10 Swiss Chocolate Brands

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10 Swiss Chocolate Brands

Switzerland is a country known for its delicious chocolates and consumes the most chocolate in the world.

Check out the following 10 Swiss chocolate brands you can’t help but try.

Swiss Chocolate Brands

1. Lindt


Lindt was founded in 1.845 and today is present in several countries.

The brand’s headquarters is located 8 km from Zurich, in the charming town of Kilchberg, where you can visit their amazing chocolate museum, the Lindt Home of Chocolate, and also their factory store, which offers several choices of the brand’s chocolates at great prices.

The brand’s classic chocolates include Lindt Lindor chocolates and milk chocolate bars.

Website: www.lindt.com.br

2. Läderach

LäderachSwiss Chocolate Brands – ©Läderach

Läderach is a high-quality, artisan Swiss chocolate brand founded in 1.962 in Ennenda(Switzerland).

The brand has stores in several European countries.

Website: ch.laderach.com

3. Toblerone

TobleroneSwiss Chocolate Brands – Photo by Safwan C K– Toblerone

Founded in 1.908 in Switzerland, Toblerone is a chocolate brand known for its triangular shape. Today, the brand is owned by the company Mondelez International.

Toblerone chocolates can be found in many stores and websites in Brazil and around the world.

Website: www.mondelezinternational.com

4. Ovomaltine

OvomaltineSwiss Chocolate Brands – ©Ovomaltine

Ovomaltine is another famous chocolate brand that was founded in 1,904 in Switzerland and can also be found in Brazil.

In addition to chocolates, the brand has options for chocolate bars and cookies.

Website: ovomaltine.ch

5. Frey

Swiss Chocolate Brands - ©FreySwiss Chocolate Brands – ©Frey

Frey is a company founded in 1.887 in Buchs, Switzerland.

The brand offers a wide variety of premium chocolate bars, and its chocolates can be found in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Website: chocolatfrey.com

6. Camille Bloch

Swiss Chocolate Brands - ©Camille BlochSwiss Chocolate Brands – ©Camille Bloch

With a factory in Courtelary and founded in 1.929 in Bern, Camille Bloch has a visitor center for the brand’s main chocolates(Ragusa and Torino), a museum, and a store that offers a huge variety of products from the chocolatier, including exclusive offers.

Website: chezcamillebloch.ch

7. Honold

Honold - Swiss Chocolate BrandsSwiss Chocolate Brands – ©Honold – Swiss Chocolate Brands

Honold is a brand offering exclusive chocolate products with the finest craftsmanship since 1,905, including unconventional chocolates and traditional specialties such as bonbons and chocolate bars.

Website: www.honold.ch

8. Cailler


Cailler is the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still in existence.

Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the brand offers chocolate with fresh milk from local dairies and sustainable cocoa.

Website: cailler.ch

9. Villars


Located in Fribourg near the Swiss Alps, Villars is a chocolate brand founded in 1.901 and famous for its milk chocolate.

Website: www.villars.com

10. Max Chocolatier

Max Chocolatier©Max Chocolatier

Max Chocolatier is a chocolate store founded in the year 2.009 in Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland.

Today the brand also has a store in Zurich.

Website: en.maxchocolatier.com

Where to Buy Swiss Chocolate in Switzerland

1. Supermarkets

In supermarkets like Migros Supermarket and COOP, you can find several brands of Swiss chocolate including brands like Lindt, Villars, Frey, and others at great prices.

2. Department Stores

In the Manor department stores, in the food section, you can also find several brands of Swiss chocolate.

3. Outlets and Brand Stores

It is well worth visiting the outlets and the brands’ own stores to find a wide variety of chocolates at excellent prices.

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